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Senadolice / Slovenija

Dajana + Žiga

Their love started as an explosion of butterflies in their tummies and it is safe to say, that feeling never left them. After more than a decade, even the obstacle of all the restrictions in 2020, they decided to vow to each other surrounded by close family and friends at his grandfather land in Kras, Slovenia.

Romantic. Intimate and simply beautiful. 

"Just about every thing, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, contributed to the perfection of that day. There is no luxury in this world to replace the magic that was created in our humble environment, that we call home"                                                    



Take a look to one of the most beautiful weddings from 2020.


Thanks to:
Wedding Planner:

Dress Bride: SanjskaObleka
Groom Suit: SENS
Catering: HobaCatering

Photography: Everything & Beyond Wedding Photography
Wedding Videography: Friends Production


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