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Botanical Garden Sežana, Slovenia, 2019

Nina + Jure

Their story starts at a bar in the heart of Amsterdam. They met in what these days is considered a usual place, but their story is something more than that. Nina was out with friends when Jure first saw her. At their first encounter she couldn't care less when he approached her, saying that she came here with friends and is not interested in meeting new people. Little did she know that Jure came back to the bar every single day to have another chance to talk to her.


The second time they met, Jure decided not to take no for an answer, and told her how he ended up there every single night waiting for her. She indeed was captivated by his determination and that made her smile and open her heart to him.

Nina longed to move back to her home country of Slovenia, and Jure decided to follow her, showing her how much he loves her. He left everything behind to not give up one single day without the love of his life.


Nina and Jure are both wild and romantic at the same time, and so was their beautiful adventure. It started as a short chat about weddings between myself and Nina. From just an idea of a styled photo session, the whole project turned out to be a big surprise - these two wild hearts decided to elope for real.

They wanted a bohemian location with lots of greenery, which is hard to find during the winter in Slovenia. Luckily, they discovered a one-hundred year old botanical garden, and this indeed was the place to be. The location itself was romantic and whimsical. The perfect spot for their intimate elopement.

“Our Elopement at a botanical garden was dreamy. Everything looked even better than we could possibly imagine. My favorite moment was after eating the cake, when we had our first dance. Jure made a playlist of our favorite songs, which we then listened for our first dance.
I don’t know if it was for the dim candle light among green cactuses and other plants, Jure singing to the tune in my ear while slowly dancing or just because it was actually just the two of us and not hundreds of people watching us dance … in that moment we forgot about everything around us and just fell into the feeling. It was the most intimate and one of my favorite moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

How can you plan an elopement within 2 months?

It’s no problem with such an amazing team of professionals taking care of everything. The whole day turned out to be magical, and we could not be more proud of it.

Thanks to:
Botanical Garden, Sežana
Photography: Everything & Beyond Wedding Photography
Wedding planner: Storija Weddings
Make Up & Hair: Sfumato Make Up
Dress: Ivory Isle
Suit: SENS
Flowers: CvecliCarna Khaya
Stationery: Anvilin Creations
Cake & Sweet Table: Yammy Tammy
Macrame: WinnDesign
Rings: Zlatarnica
Wedding Rentals: Hiša vizij d.o.o.
Wedding Videography: Storija Film - Porocna videografija

Looking for an Elopement Photographer in Slovenia?

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